What They Are Saying

General James M. Holmes, Commander Air Combat Command

Defense One: Project Maven Is Just the Beginning of the Military’s Use of AI Jane’s Defense: US Air Force considering ending Light Attack Experiment after fatal...

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U. S. Senator David Perdue

Although he describes himself as a ‘strong supporter’ of President Trump,  Senator David Perdue (R-Ga) joined Democrats and more than a few other Republicans expressing concern about the decision to inform the North Korean leader that what Mr Trump called...

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Admiral Kurt W. Tidd

The head of U.S. Southern Command says what keeps him up at night are transnational threat networks operating in South America and the Caribbean, and the increasing efforts of Russia, China and Iran to compete for influence in the region. Drug smuggling is a front...

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Lt. General Steven L. Kwast

Facing a “national crisis” in the form of a shortage of qualified pilots, the U.S. Air Force is experimenting with a variety of ways to speed up training and to improve retention,  according to Lt General Steven Kwast, who leads efforts to recruit and...

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General Ellen M. Pawlikowski

A wide ranging May 15 Defense Writers Group conversation with Air Force General Ellen Pawlikowski, one of the highest ranking women in the military, produced reports on everything from the changing size and type of military satellites to the down-to-earth matter of...

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Deputy Defense Secretary Discusses Pentagon Cloud Program

Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters there will be room for multiple companies to help build the cloud which will store the Pentagon’s massive computer data and that the current contract for a provider only covers about 20% of what will be...

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